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Karlie Vocal Cuts:

 "Heart of Glass"


"I Feel Love"

Karlie Vocal Cuts and Songwriting on

"Ready For The Show"

"Make It Bold"


"Break The Rules"

Songwriting, Vocal Recording, Production, and Visualization

Meshing 90's charm and Dance-Pop, real instruments collide with anti pop and chaotic yet dreamy modern production. Living in 3 different countries by the age of 23, traveling the world, accepting various positions within the music industry, to getting ready for her next flight to Europe to perform on stage with DJ Betto -  Karlie's mission goes beyond creating music. Songwriting and performing, to her, is about joining deeper connections, promoting self-love, and making you aware that you hold much greater capabilities inside of you then you could ever imagine. Her lyrics celebrate wonderful memories, and also memories we often want to forget. As an artist, her purpose is to ignite inspiration. Why? Because she never paid attention to those who claimed that certain things were unattainable. She trusted her gut, and now she encourages you to do the same. You possess a unique talent, perhaps you are simply unaware of it, for now.

Karlie is that friend who rolls down the windows and blasts the tunes when life gets real. Think of her sound as a mixtape of sultry vibes, dreamy beats, and a hit of nostalgia—nothing too fancy, just positive energy and main character vibes.

Influenced by the writing techniques of RAYE, the cinematic sense of Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus's "me myself and I" attitude, and a splash of Billie Eilish's soft yet intense nature, Karlie's here to soundtrack your actual life moments, because thats what she does with hers.

Karlie is set to begin her live performance journey to life, Performing live in Prague come April of 2024, and will begin her Los Angeles Live Show Sets come May of 2024. This year is all about delivering an experience that feels like an intimate late-night conversation—more growth, more unique sounds, and an abundance of genuine vibes.

"Lets dream, but in real time." - Karlie

A Year Long Journey in London, UK

Golden Heart - the first curated Music Video from Karlie Cupani


My Values are rooted in, Wisdom, Emotional Connections, Creative Outlets, and Challenging the System.

One of the main ways I would like to focus on promoting my art, is as a means of personal growth, development, emotional expression and connection. I would like to aim to emphasize the way my art pivots and breaks down narratives and empowers fans to question what they define as success and happiness. Through my personal development lyrics, and my love songs, I aim to redefine narratives of negativity and the cloud around real love being non existent.

My goals are to build up as an artist over the next few years, to be able to release an EP by the end of 2023, and an album by end of 2024. The main embarkment for me as an artist right now is Sync Licensing my existing and soon to be release music. My musical lyrics are rooted around each experience within my life. Travelling the world, falling in love, transitioning through friendships and relationships, and most importantly, transitioning through those while going through an ever-evolving journey of self-discovery. Some song names include, Friends with My Thoughts, Patience is my Virtue,  Always and Forever, His Girl, and Mended.

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